Cleaning Instructions Duette® Shades

To prevent the Duette® and Plissé fabrics from becoming dirty, the blinds should be cleaned regularly with a feather duster or with a vacuum cleaner at a low setting.

Please note that the fabric of both Duette® and Plissé Shades cannot be separated from the head and bottom rails.

Isolated stains / cleaning

Stains should be removed as quickly as possible with a soft sponge and lukewarm water containing a non-synthetic detergent. It is important when cleaning not to rub the fabric as this may cause discolouration, instead the fabric should be gently dabbed.

General (complete blind) cleaning

NB. Room darkening Duette® (with foil backing) and Plissé fabrics with a metallic back should not be cleaned with water as this could permanently damage the metallic coating.

In order to clean the whole blind, it is possible to submerge non room-darkening Duette® and non-metallic Plissé blinds in a bath provided the headrail is kept dry during the process.

If the blind is wider than the bath, you can clean the fabric with a soft sponge or have it cleaned by a professional cleaning service.


  1. Fill a container, bath or basin with lukewarm water (30 °C) and add one scoop or cap of non-synthetic detergent.
  2. Lay the fabric (including bottom rail) in the water, keeping the head rail dry. The cleaning result will be better if the pleats are not held in the water as a bundle, but opened partially. Try not to deform the fabric as this may result in permanent crease marks.
  3. Use a soft sponge and dab to clean any obvious stains. Do not leave the fabric in the water for longer than two hours.
  4. Open the blind and turn vertically, allowing you to easily rinse / shower off any dirt or soap residue. Turn the blind back to the horizontal position and close it carefully ensuring that the pleats fold correctly. Once the bundle of material has been completely folded together, press the head rail and bottom rail together tightly with both hands. This will remove as much water as possible from the fabric.
  5. Now replace the Duette® or Plissé Shade in the mounting brackets, and allow the fabric to drop completely.
  6. Residual dirt/marks should be dabbed with a damp sponge.