Skylight Blinds

New ideas for skylight blinds

Adding a skylight or a Velux® window is a great way to make a room brighter and more open - but sometimes - all that sunlight can be too bright or warm or spoil all the fun.

Made to measure for your home, Luxaflex® blinds fit Velux® skylights and other leading skylight window brands. Choose from a wide range of light-filtering fabrics for natural light without glare, to practical room darkening skylight blinds for bedrooms and TV rooms. And our range features the very latest styles and colours with child-safe control.

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Luxaflex® Duette®Shades - Skylights Luxaflex® Duette®Shades - Skylights

Bedroom Skylight Blinds

Does your new bedroom Velux window let in too much early morning sunlight?

A stylish room darkening Roller or Venetian blind, Pleated or Duette® Shade, fitted neatly into the frame (without drilling) - lets you open and close your skylight window normally, whilst dimming the light for a good nights sleep.

Choose from a wide range of styles and colours to suit your home's décor. All our skylight blinds come with child-safe manual or electric operating options.

Skylight Blinds - Luxaflex® Duette® Shades -Skylights

Kitchen Skylight Blinds

Loving your new flat roof skylight window but want less sunlight and heat overhead?

Choose a sleek and stylish Duette® Shade with a sun-reflecting fabric to reduce heat and glare. And with handy motorised controls, you can adjust your skylight blinds quickly and simply with remote control.

Luxaflex® Roller Blinds -Skylights - Skylight Blinds

Living Room Skylight Blinds

The modern style of our premium Roller Blinds is a great choice for skylight and regular windows as they sit neatly in the window frame.

And you can coordinate your chosen skylight fabric with the rest of your living room roller blinds for a cohesive and stylish look.