Day and Night Blinds

What are Day and Night Blinds?

Day and Night blinds combine two fabrics, one sheer and one opaque, that can be adjusted to give you flexible light and privacy control.

At Luxaflex® we've designed three styles of Day and Night window coverings including, Twist® Roller Blinds and our Duette® or Plisse® Shades - depending on your style preference or light and privacy needs. All the controls are hidden from view in the top of the blind so they don’t detract from the sharp design style that day and night blinds are known for.

Luxaflex® Twist® Day and Night Luxaflex® Twist® Day and Night

Twist® Day & Night Blinds

The ultimate solution for light control and privacy, our Twist® blinds operate just like a roller blind but with alternating sheer and opaque fabric panels that can be adjusted to let in more or less light. Perfect to reduce glare in any room, or in a bathroom or bedroom where privacy is a concern, or in a media or living room where there is too much harsh light.

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Duettte® Shades Day and Night

Duette® Day and Night

The ideal solution for every room, our Duette® Day & Night window coverings feature a blackout and sheer fabric in one shade. This helps reduce incoming light from disturbing the whole family whilst sleeping, and during the day, softy filters the light - great for multipurpose rooms. Another advantage of Duette® is your home stays warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and insulated all year round.

Luxaflex® Plisse® Shades Day and Night Luxaflex® Plisse® Shades Day and Night

Day and Night for Skylight Windows

If you've invested in a skylight or Velux® window, you'll know that too much light or heat from the sun can make the space uncomfortable. Our made-to-measure Plisse® Day and Night shades fit all Velux® and other leading skylight window brands.

Combining two fabrics in one blind, you can enjoy natural light without glare, instantly create extra privacy, darken a bedroom or reduce glare when watching TV. Best of all, you can coordinate your regular and skylight windows with shades in the same colour and pattern. View our Skylight blind range.

Day and Night Blinds Day and Night Blinds

Colours & Styles

Choose from hundreds of stylish trend colours and playful blackout patterns to create a truly individual look for your home. Combine white sheers with a bold pattern, try contrasting colours or tone on tone for an understated style. Whatever look you go for our exclusive fabric textures will add warmth and sophistication to every room in your home.

Luxaflex® Twist® Day and Night Luxaflex® Twist® Day and Night

Advantages of Day and Night Blinds

  • Whatever the time, Day and Night blinds are designed to give you exactly what you need.
  • Soft and contemporary style with privacy and light control
  • The latest colours and patterns for your decor
  • Motorised options - control your blinds from your smart device, remote or voice
  • Looks for every style and budget
  • Preserves your privacy

Although day and night blinds are not suitable for sloping or shaped windows, you can explore our stylish and practical solution for shaped windows.