Roman Shades

With an extensive collection of exclusive fabrics and eight different models of Luxaflex® Roman Shades you can combine to your heart’s content. You can also choose from numerous Finishing Options in order to give a personal touch to your Roman Shade. A flounce is standard for all models to protect against the effect of UV-radiation on the fabric.

At a glance

  • extensive fabric collection
  • flounce option
  • several rod options

Designed with safety and comfort in mind

At Luxaflex® we consider Child Safety a top priority. Making products safer for homes with infants and young children is an integral part of our design philosophy.

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Product variations

Ballina Front

For a neat unified style. A round aluminium rod sown into a fabric tunnel at the front.

Ballina Back

For a neat linear look. A round aluminium rod sown into a fabric tunnel at the back of the product. Piping is available for a highly distinctive look.


Romantic fabric experience particularly suited to richly patterned fabrics. The lift mechanisms are obscured.


A unified look is created while retaining the impact of the fabric desgin.


The lift mechanisms are not visible from the front creating an obstructed view of the fabric.


Rods are pulled up and over so that the raised shade is thinner. Ideal for high windows.


Choose a lined product. Guaranteeing an added feel of luxury.

Colours & materials

Various Fabrics

Our Collection

There are more than 200 fabrics in the Luxaflex® Roman Shades collection. The range of choice is unprecedented, especially when combined with the Finishing Options. Finishing is perfect to the finest detail.

Various Fabrics


Subtle fabrics with a structure, inspired by nature. The colours in various earthy hues give an attractive and warm appearance which is ideal for many interiors. The texture has many variants and the weave almost invites being touched. Available in various transparencies.

Various Fabrics


Transparent fabrics, in uni colours or with a refined stripe. In this way you decide to what extent one can see in and how much light enters the room. In this way your room can be given a very attractive ambiance.

Various Fabrics


Striped fabrics are timeless and are suitable for both classical and modern interiors. There are a variety of stripe widths to suit every taste. You can also choose from a range of magnificent patterns – a very inspiring collection.

Various Fabrics


Exclusive fabrics of superior quality with magnificent patterns. The designs can be subtle but can also be distinctly visible from jacquard to embroidery. Any of them will add considerable decorative value to your interior.

Various Fabrics


Back to simplicity. A broad collection of fabrics in uni colours with varying transparency. The weaves range from a distinct to a more subdued texture. It is precisely this uncomplicated character that can form a good basis for a stylish interior. Let colour brighten your life! You dealer will gladly provide information about various fabric characteristics to help you make a suitable choice.

Personalisation options

Cord Piping

Cord Piping

Our Cord Piping option adds a delightful, personalised and decorative perspective to your Roman Shade.

Contrasting Trim

Contrasting Trim

For extra contrast and luxe. All around the fabric in the same fabric quatlity.



A decorative way to finish off the shade. Also possible in contrast flounce, another colour in the same fabric.

Rings and tape

Rings and tape

Rings can be applied to the flounce in unlined Ballina and Linea models.

Top-Down / Bottom-Up

Top-Down / Bottom-Up

The top and the bottom operate independently of each other. Control the extent to which people can look in as well as how much light to let in.

Unique solutions

Moving and tilting windows

Roman Shades feature optional brackets and side guiding to ensure perfect operation on a tilting or moving window.

Room Darkening

For spaces where room darkening is required, choose our Roman Shades with a black-out lining for complete privacy and light control.